Lockdown day 113453736392…

This year days go by slowly…. the kids go to bed at 7pm and the night flys… before I know it I’m in another day of lockdown… a week ago on Sunday night when “Boz” (as he is known in this house) declared the easing of lockdown- for me nothing has changed. Except I’m now more anxious than ever and think everything that’s happening is just- too fast.

Every time I see people “flouting” the rules I get anxious, yes it doesn’t affect me directly but it just makes this whole process longer, and I want to see my cousins baby…. she’s due on the 30th and I want to see my mum, but lockdown flouting bellend’s who are “only affecting their own lives” by breaking it are selfish enough to not realise what it’s doing for everyone else.

The conflicting news is also getting me down- Sunday night we have “yay we may have a vaccine by September” and last night we have “you must prepare to live like this for years in the fear it may come back”. If that isn’t conflicting I don’t know what is!! I mean I don’t pretend to have any grasp of politics or the news because it just hacks me off but I’m pretty sure those two things are just confusing!

Apart from my house being a shit hole and my ironing piling so high in the baskets I just keep shutting the door as I’m dreading doing it! We have finally cracked Erin’s homeschooling routine- I actually plan on a Sunday and print everything off I need which is where I failed before, we do an hour on an hour off and it’s working. We are actually getting somewhere with little to not arguments! Yay!!

Other than all of the above the days blend. I’m getting fat, I need to exercise and have absolutely nil urge to! The only exercise I get is ramming magnums and chocolate into my mouth! I have finally caught up with the washing and I am forever moving furniture around the house! God knows why! It somehow gives me some form of purpose! I should probably actually be sorting the rest of the stuff I need to sort out instead like my wardrobe that’s just full of rubbish!!

That’s all the news I have really and my god this read has been dull! My apologies! How are you guys getting on? Loving life or is lockdown life starting to hack you off now?