That’s That- I am the BIG 30!

Friday was the 21st September. My birthday. As I have got older my birthday has become a bit pants- not for the effort or the amazing gifts everyone helps with just the factor that I am crap at celebrating my birthday.

I get anxious when I think about getting older and people making a fuss over me. If I think about it I have always been the same, I used to cry on my birthdays and get so nervous excited I would vomit! Classy Eh!

This birthday started like the rest, I took Friday off work so there wouldn’t be a big fuss made- turns out they just moved the fuss to Thursday… I walk into the office and there are pictures of my face plastered everywhere… queue the anxiety.. which just made me angry! Eventually I got over that when all I saw were my friends were trying to make me have a good day.

Friday comes and Matthews taken the day off.. the morning is lovely with Erin helping me open presents and we took her to school. Matt and I went for breakfast and he had booked a fab day of doing things for me. Here come the tears! Who knew why I cried except I felt like crap from a stinking cold and just wanted to curl up in bed- to be fair we watched orange is the new black and had a lovely day under the duvet eating quality street and then pizza with an equally snotty Erin!

Saturday I had got over it all! I woke up happy 🙂 anxiety had dropped off and it was time for swimming. Matt and Erin were going to take me out for surprise lunch so during Erin’s ballet I got ready.

They get home from ballet and matt tells me to quickly put my dress on so I’m not late and In walk my 3 friends from work to take me out for the afternoon with Erin! After my initial shock we had a lovely afternoon tea. Thank you ladies for arranging!

We headed home and as I walked through the door… balloons, pictures from my childhood and every family member and close friend there before me! Surprise!

Surprised I was! Matt had laid on a beautiful intimate surprise party for me! It was lovely! The kids ran wild and made tonnes of mess but enjoyed every second! Even Erin liked cleaning the next day with us! Everyone had a great time and they had got me a delicious cake! So a big thank you to Matt and our families for everything they did and my lovely gifts, especially putting up with my hormones!

Maybe birthdays aren’t so bad after all!!!