I fell out of the Recycling bin….

I can imagine you have read the title of this post and thought I had mildly lost the plot. To be honest, your not the first people to think this. Even Matthew and my own mother think I am a little crazy. I will set the scene;

It’s Tuesday night and it is blue bin day Wednesday. Matthew is away in London with work and Erin’s asleep in bed. I have pottered around the house and it’s around 9 pm, I need to put the bin out. we have had so many packages recently that the recycling bin is overflowing.

The bins in our house are mainly a ‘pink job’ Matthew and I have weird job allocations and things that tend to be blue fall onto me.

I pull the bin up against the back door so I can step into it with ease and not feel like I am climbing to get into it- what I thought I was doing was taking away the danger element.

So I step into the bin to stamp it down. I get my second foot in and hold onto the door frame for security. Before I know it, the bin is rapidly sliding away from the door.

Now this one I wish someone had filmed. With the awful slow motion feeling, I flail my arms around like a bird trying to steady myself- cut my hand on the wall… and hit the ground with a bang… my bum cheek hits the doorstep…. onto the wall and lands on the floor.

Me being me jumped around like a looney wanting to be sick with the pain and had to have a little lie down on the sofa. (Not going to lie 5 mins after when I stopped feeling awful I got back into the bin and stamped it down and put it out!!)

What has surprised me most is how much I have bruised!! Don’t worry I have cut my actual bum out of these pics… but here’s some entertaining day by day bruise pics! hopefully, I have entertained you and my advice is- Don’t jump in the bin!!! it’s Dangerous!!!