Staying in Style when Pregnant

I’m not a massively fashionable person but again I don’t like to dress like a bag of potatoes.

One thing I have found about maternity clothes is that A. They aren’t easy to find- but when you do your on to a winner. B. They can be quite expensive.

When I found out did maternity clothes I was really pleased. I had previously used Boohoo to buy myself clothes- they are a great price and normally have fantastic sales and they also have a huge range of items.

The maternity range is no different. There are pages and pages to choose from in all styles and are great for bedtime, outings, weddings and casual.

I was asked to review a few of their items and was able to get so much for my money. For £40 I got a skirt and two dresses! And they all fit beautifully and came really quickly. I picked my normal size before I was pregnant and went from there.

The skirt I got was a black peplum skirt over the bump. It’s great as I can jazz it up for nights out and can also wear it to work with a more casual top.

I also got a really pretty polka dot burnt orange dress with ruffle sleeves. I wore this out to dinner with friends and had so many compliments about it. They couldn’t believe how cheap it was, yet such good quality.

The last dress was a lace overlay dress and again wore out for dinner on my birthday trip with my friend and I loved it, it was so comfortable and perfect again to dress up or down.

All of the outfits were good quality for the cost and easy to purchase. I would definitely recommend buying from Boohoo when pregnant as you don’t want to waste hundreds of pounds on clothes you won’t wear for long.