Looking to have more Self Care in January- choose CACI with Serenity #Gifted

Ever heard of CACI? Only in glossy magazines like me? Well it’s not what you think in terms of expense but it is the same one as all of the celebrities have such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Sadie Frost and many others. In fact they are even claiming they have an addiction to the firming results of the CACI facial, so much so two of them have purchased the £24,000 machine at home… but to have the facial with Sarah costs £50 for an hour!! That’s a bargain! Especially as in London it starts around £80!

Do you remember just before Christmas when I went to the lovely Sarah at Serenity Orchard House for a Dermalogica facial? If not check it out here.

As I said in my post before Sarah knows her stuff… she’s taught me everything I know about my skin and has many times picked up on things without me saying anything and giving me a sample to try or a solution which is great. I had heard so many things about the iconic CACI facials and I was intrigued as to what it could do for me, Sarah offered me a facial in exchange for this review.

In short it’s a non surgical face lift, when I was younger I had Slapped Cheek Syndrome which left one half of my face quite droopy. Sarah informed me that I could change this with CACI if it focused on one side of my face, so I was really excited to try it out and see what magic it could do if it could also amend just the one side of your face!

This was the before picture- it’s not a great one and not sure you can see but my one side of my face drops lower- probably unnoticeable by most but it bothers me.

When I got to Sarah she told me what CACI does:

The clinically proven facial treatment has been around for 25 years and is a muscle lifting procedure that uses microcurrent technology to send out tiny electrical impulses helping to tone and soften facial expressions.  

It incorporates a number of other pioneering technologies to stimulate collagen production: 

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing that rids the skin of make-up residue, blemishes and impurities.

The facials are infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen and rose water to provide skin with an extra boost of hydration for a plumper effect.

While most facials are done by hand and work to maintain a healthy visage, this facial is aided by an electric contraption which works to improve the skin texture and elasticity.

The microcurrent facials are widely considered the most cost effective alternative to fillers, and are said to be perfect for ridding your skin of fine lines and wrinkles with immediate results that last for weeks

Even better Sarah doesn’t use standard creams which CACI suggest she’s uses Dermalogica products which if you have read my post which is linked above- they are amazing!!

At first the words used such a microcurrent worried me but trust me it’s not painful in any manner. It’s quite vigorous and not relaxing but not unpleasant, I was so excited about the results when Sarah was using the probes.

As you can see it’s not your normal facial but the results are worth it. Here is the picture of me after my facial- and there is also a picture of me the next day- I feel radiant and lifted. Previously my mouth sagged around the edges and it looked fab! Even better it can be used on all different parts of the body and can even make you lose inches off your waist!

To check out Sarah’s price list head to- Serenity Orchard House– which you can also use to contact her 🙂 Go and step up your self care this January and treat yourself! You definitely won’t regret it!