How to make a birthday in lockdown fun for kids!

Last Friday it was Erin’s 8th Birthday. We had a swimming party arranged on the Sunday and she wanted a day out on the actual day. Obviously neither of these happened so I had to think quick. She was desperately unhappy about the lack of party and seeing her friends so in just two weeks we fixed up a day to remember.

First things first I wanted to get a video together of all her family and friends saying happy birthday and sending her messages. Everyone sent me a message that knows her and I used iMovie to put them all together. It was great as so many people tried really hard to make the videos special by dressing up, using props and dancing! It was fab! It was the first thing she did on her birthday morning!

The next thing we did was borrowed a chocolate fountain from my mum, someone you know will have one and if not they are £15 on Argos! We got loads of treats, biscuits, strawberries, marshmallows on the weekly shop and she had a great time dipping them all in!

Presents were quite tricky- obviously people couldn’t drive to us so they either sent gifts or instead I ordered all her presents and people sent me the money- this meant that I had to wrap them all so obviously had to make sure that I had enough wrapping paper!! To make it fun to open we blew up over 100 balloons to fill the playroom for Erin to find her gifts before she opened them, that was it was a fun experience and more like a game!

Games were still part of our day too even though there was only 4 of us! We made pass the parcel and sat and did it as a four and we also did a small piñata that I got from amazon! So we still played party games and played outside in the garden!

Decorating the house- I always decorate for birthdays because it looks fab and isn’t too expensive! We had a balloon arch, balloons and signs! The balloon arch was £11 from amazon and includes everything you need!

I had text all her friends and family who live in the village and said there would be sweets outside if they wanted to come past on their walk for the day- this was amazing as everyone who came had sweets and had a social distanced chat and left gifts for Erin too! She loved seeing her friends and family across the front garden!

Cake and food! Obviously food is always important at a birthday party! We let Erin choose what she wanted to eat and it was burger and chips! So that’s what we had! I made her birthday cake and our family sang happy birthday over Zoom to her!

Erin said it was one of the best birthdays she had! So I shouldn’t have worried! We all had a great day and the sun shone making it perfect!