Life’s unanswered questions… for Parents!!!

Being a second time mum or actually any form of parents you certainly take a deeper look into the life of children’s television- probably because you’re so bored that baby Alexander had a noisy night on Peppa pig for the 6th million time. I have so many questions they are now becoming deep routed problems that I need answers for!!!! If your are not parents who have to watch these shows this post probably isn’t for you unless you want to know my inane unanswered questions to ponder about too!! You can also watch it here. I had a similar issue when Erin was small with Youtube!


First up in Bing. I like the characters and I thought Bing would be a firm favourite of mine…. BUT where the heck are Bing’s parents?! Who the heck is Flop?! This blows my mind even now. I don’t get why everyone is different yet the carers look like droids!Why does Pando take his pants off at peoples houses and no one cares?

Yep… do you see where I’m coming from? In the credits Coco and Charlie (a small baby bunny…) are dropped off by Mollie (who I assume is some weird carer like Flop) and she is on the phone. She literally hands the “kids” over doesn’t say a word, doesn’t give Flop a bag for caring for him and naffs off in the car!! (Still on the phone may I add and not hands free- this is a whole new level of questions). Can you imagine the rage?! Your mate drops off their two kids they have don’t even say thanks and continue their convo- I would be raging!!!

As you can tell Bing really blows my mind but one question is why are all the “kids” bigger than their carers?! There literally could be mutiny in the streets from the kids and the mini carers could do nothing!!!

Anyway I hate the concept of Bing. I like the characters I would just love someone to explain what’s actually happened. I have googled it and everyone suggests a virus that killed their parents? That’s a little too close to home right now!!!

Peppa Pig-

Peppa Pig where do I start. I know I’m sorry every parent wants to make her into a nice roast dinner but our kids are literally addicted.

I have one main question on Peppa. It has blown my mind for at least 7 years. Why is EVERYONE called Mr and Mrs… dog…zebra….fox. WHY WHY WHY are the rabbit family mummy and daddy rabbit!?!

I don’t get it surely the only people who should be mummy and daddy are the pig family?!

This brings me to Miss Rabbit… I have actually sat and calculated her jobs with Erin and with a bit of help from google. The last time we checked she had 57. I mean well-done miss rabbit but logistics mean she would only work at each job for 2.9 hours a week if she worked 24 hour days. So that’s utter rubbish!!!!

Other than that I just hate bratty Peppa and George the “I’m going to cry and get my own way” pig. Also Daddy pig maybe be an expert but he needs to take some chores off mummy… she’s an author keeping her job… promoting it at nurseries and still doing the washing and sorting all the shite daddy pig causes!!!

I have just realised I have banged on here about two children’s tv programmes for longer than most of my posts so I’m going to leave it here but I have so many questions about other tv shows!!! Is there anything that plays on your mind when watching kids tv?!…