How do you explain the act of terror to a child- in the wake of Manchester bombings

Last night I lay watching the news unfold of the horrific news of a terror attack in Manchester. I was in Manchester on Sunday at Blog On blogging conference- I had only ever been to Manchester once before and it seems like a fab place- I had even said to Jess that I would bring Erin and Matt as there looked like some cool places to go and everyone seemed lovely.

The news that unfolded last night was horrendous. Fear is now a main part of people’s lives with regards to terrorism, I have been a lot more cautious since its started stepping up in frequency. It is terrifying. This morning I sat playing Disney games with Erin in bed with the news on in the background. She was oblivious- the innocence of her mind made her even more beautiful than she is already. Whilst lay there I thought about how to I explain this to my beautiful baby girl…. How do you tell them that there are vile human beings in this world and we label them ‘Terrorists’. This isn’t about race or religion this is about people that are being brainwashed into ridiculous acts of terror. They are there to scare everyone witless and think long and hard about everything they do. I fear it’s working.

Erin loves Little Mix and I wanted to take her to their concert. No longer would I consider this. These places aren’t safe enough anymore. The security isn’t as high as it should be. As a country we need to stick together. Manchester and the love of the residents taking people in is a prime example. Taxi’s offering free rides and hotels offering beds shows solidarity. A Nation has come together. Answers on how to beat this vile human beings are unknown but if we stick together we will all get through it. I don’t want to fear bringing my daughter up in this world. I will be giving her lots of extra hugs and she always knows how much I love her. The world is all of our homes. We need to cherish it.