Can’t win either way! 

So today I went to to an appointment after collecting Erin from school. We were sat waiting and yes it was hot but not unbearable. Two elderly ladies came in started to moan about how hot it was. 

I get that it’s hot and some people don’t like it, the conversation between them continued and they were saying it was unbearable and they couldn’t walk because of it- yet they had been outside all day in the garden?! 

They continued the conversation and started to rant about it being cold and rainy last month!!! Literally Britian you cannot win whatever the weather! What got me is when they said people like her like this weather!!! How do they know?! (I do but that’s besides the point!!)  a bit bloody rude!!!

Anyway I do love this weather when I am not trying to cool a 5 year old down in 29 degree heat in her bedroom, but to be fair we’re coping. I would much rather have this heat than rain!!!! 

Yet everyone whinges either way!!! Do you like this weather or do you whinge when it’s hot and whinge when it rains???