LOL dolls- I think your kids adore them or don’t like them, I’m not sure there’s an in-between! my daughter Erin is 8 and for the last 4/5 years she has been LOL doll obsessed. We have the camper-van, both of the LOL houses, the car…… you name it we have it!!

When I found out there was a new LOL app I knew Erin would think it was amazing! The LOL app is a new game which has been bought out of Apple and Android devices to allow children to make their own LOL doll world.

The game is free and available now from the app/google play store and is really easy to play and is great for even younger children as it’s simple to navigate. To download the game click here.

You play the game by making you’re own movie with sounds and movement. All you need to do is select your scene, characters and accessories and then the rest is down to you. The characters are able to move and talk with your own voice at the push of a button. Recording is simple and moving around the setting just takes holding your doll on the screen and moving it around. Perfect to make you’re own fierce movie!

The thing Erin loved the most about the app is that you are able to virtually get “surprises” from LOL balls in the store. The more coins you get the more you can open. The balls are “unzipped” as if they were real and reveals the surprises inside. You get more than one surprise from each ball too- this ensures you can grow your collection of characters, accessories and backgrounds for all the new “movies” you want to make.

Erin loves this game and has spent every minute on it during her Ipad time! We watch the movies together once she has made them and she tells me everything that’s happening! Her favourite part of the app is the different settings and accessories you can give the dolls- and of course opening of the LOL balls with all of their amazing surprises! You can check out a video of exactly how the game plays here.

This Friday (16th October) there is an amazing Twitter party with fantastic giveaways too! If your little one loves LOL then get involved as there will be prizes up for grabs just in time for Christmas! Join me @faye_glossytots for the #LOLSurpriseMovieMaker Twitter Party on 16th October1-3pm over on Twitter page!