High chairs.. you would think after one child I would be wise!

If you have followed me for a while you will know I have Erin who is 8 years old- I had a Chicco high-chair with Erin and it reclined and had a padded back. I really loved this high chair and my natural reaction was to have one similar.(Some items in this post have been gifted some time ago)

I was offered the Beaba up and down high chair. Edith used this until she was 1. I liked this high chair but Edith turned into some kind of ninja and was forever getting out of it and standing on the chair and climbing out!!! The only other thing I didn’t like was how marked the tray got from cutting using plastic knives- it got quite scratched and I felt it was very dirty because the food would be in the scratches.

We also have had the Nuby booster seat- a bargain price from Aldi at £11 this is perfect for chucking in the car to go to other people’s houses. I really like this and I still use it now.

As an alternative Highchair I have the Apramo Flippa this is great but again Ninja child likes to stand up and fling herself out!! But if you have a calm child it’s great especially for picnics out! It folds flat so fits in a pushchair basket- has its own tray and is able to be clipped to a chair- really great for multi purpose.

The next highchair I have had is the Chicco Polly Magic– this is near enough the highchair I had with Erin. I really loved this highchair and the features it has for newborns, so great for moving your little ones around with you and having them at the table from being a baby- it’s also a great price. The thing I hated about this highchair is the amount of cleaning. I mean I was using Milton on the straps weekly and scrubbing the fabric to get it out of the corners. As a mum of two and a house to sort I don’t have time for this.

I started to realise I needed something with longevity and easier to clean. I found it but it comes at a price. The Stokke Tripp Trapp is amaxing- it ticks every box for me- storage for bibs and wipes, padding but easily cleaned, great from newborn and looks stylish. The downside of this highchair is the price- it’s really expensive once you have purchased all the little bits, but i genuinely think it would last you from birth to adult as it turns into a chair at your table too. Which is fab! I love the Tripp trap and would hands down spend the money over and over again because I genuinely believe it’s totally worth it!

What’s your go to highchair? Would you agree is the Tripp Trapp worth it or have you found a highchair I’m missing?