Chicco Polly Magic Relax #AD

We have been weaning Edith for 6 months now and gosh it’s had it’s up and downs. Her previous highchair was used as a climbing frame and she constantly tried to get out even with being strapped down, and she has gone on and off food like I change my clothes!!

We are still doing a mix of Baby-led weaning and purées because sometimes she just wants something smooth, depending on what teeth are coming through and what mood she’s in! It’s working and that’s all that matters.

Chicco recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to review the Chicco Polly magic Relax and I nearly snapped their arm off because I had a Chicco Polly with Erin and adored it. The pic below is 7 years ago!!

As you can see Erin loved her highchair and was always comfy in it! The design hasn’t changed that much except they have added better features.

The Chicco Polly Magic Relax comes with a newborn insert and toy bar which is perfect when baby is at the table with you and isn’t yet eating or finishes their food before you and needs entertainment.

It also still has the great feature of being able to lie down, which is great as it is from birth to 3 years which means they are always able to sit with you from any age. It is also able to move to different heights – 8 heights in fact! which is great as we have a table and a breakfast bar so Edith can always sit and eat with us no matter where we are eating. The tray is also removable meaning as baby grows they are able to grow with the highchair and use it at the table too.

The highchair also features a super soft reversible reducer cushion, with a breathable fabric for the summer months and thick cocooning surface for when the weather turns colder.

What I also love is that you can buy spares off the Chicco website which can replace the inevitable of your baby staining one of the items, and also if you plan to have another child then you can buy new covers but still use the base.

The only thing I wish was different is that I there are more colourful choices like Erin’s when she was little but that isn’t something that would put me off as the grey is an inoffensive colour which fits well with my kitchen.

You can buy the highchair from John Lewis for £139 which I think it’s a great price for such an innovative product.