Top Box Sets to watch on TV!

For weeks Matt and I spend our nights looking for new box sets to watch. Unfortunately when we find a good box set we tend to binge watch them and end up without anything to watch again within a few days.

I have always been searching for recommendations on new ones to watch. Not a lot comes up on a google search, so I am here to give you our recommendations of what we love. If you have watched anything you love then let us know as we are always up for new box sets to watch. Our favourites are;

Peaky Blinders-

If you haven’t yet delved into the underworld of the Birmingham street gangs, you need to. A Family known as the Peaky Blinders are the biggest gang in Birmingham- the series follows the ups and downs of the family and the troublesome spots they get in to. There are 4 series to watch and all are as gripping as the others. The only downside to this is when we first watched it, we watched 2 episodes before we got into it. Don’t give up.

The Tunnel-

A body is found in the channel tunnel half on English soil half on French. Two police officers- Elise and Karl have to work together to solve the mystery. More disturbing events unfold in acts of terror and the dynamic duo have to step up their game. There are 3 series but each one set around a different set of crimes. There is an epic twist at the end.

Downton Abbey-

Yes I know it was years ago, but if you haven’t watched it-you need to. It is well worth a watch. Set in the 1900’s and Aristocratic family and their staff are all involved in separate storylines based around the house. A perfect watch for feel good and devastating moments. I loved this more than I thought I would with 6 Series to watch (we watched it in two weeks!!!) it’s one to get stuck into.


This was a one off series, great for if you want something short term. Julia stiles is the main star and has to solve the mystery of her husband’s murder. I really enjoyed this and it left me definitely wanting more.


A woman is found naked in a bag covered in tattoos, the FBI name her Jane Doe. She helps the FBI solve her tattoos and her memory starts to return. The FBI become friends and enemies. This programme is still on currently on season 3 so I can’t give you a final evaluation but we love it.

Sons of Anarchy-

This is one I thought I would hate. Matt convinced me to watch it and I am so glad I did. The programme is based on an American motorcycle gang and the lives outside of the gang. Lots of twists and turns that really keep you on your toes. There are 7 seasons with talk of an 8th!

Big Little Lies-

With a very famous cast I was at first dubious, two episodes in and I couldn’t fathom what I was watching. The third I was hooked. Nicole kidman and Reese Witherspoon play great parts and as its only 1 season its an easy watch. A very unexpected ending.

There is my round up of my favourites, do you have any suggestions for us?

Top box sets on tv