Quick and Easy Pancake Recipe

Pancake day is around the corner-13th February for those who don’t know. I have always made pancakes through the year as a treat for breakfast occasionally as Erin is a huge fan.

What I hated was having to get all sorts out to make them. Following ingredients from a recipe and measuring it all out, was a ball ache and quite frankly more mess and washing up.

So I have come up with an easy way to make pancakes without all the hassle!

Firstly you need a measuring jug- not to measure anything but I can show you how much to use. You also need:

  • Fork
  • Plain flour
  • Milk
  • 1 egg
  • Water
  • Frying pan
  • Fry light or butter to grease the pan
  • Plus any toppings- we have strawberries, white chocolate, lemon and sugar

Ingredients to make pancakes

  1. First of all crack 1 egg into your measuring jug and beat it with the fork.Pancake recipe eggs
  2. Next add flour half way up the jugPancake recipe flour
  3. Whisk the two together adding a splash of water to form a paste- at this point it will be lumpyPancake recipe
  4. Next add milk a little at a time and mix, until you have the consistency of double cream.Pancake recipe
  5. Next add two sprays of Fry light or a knob of butter to your pan and wait for it to heat.Pancake recipe frylight
  6. Next add the batter to the pan so it makes a small circle in the middle, then move the pan to make the pancake thin and larger. Wait until the edges go slightly brown or start to turn up. And flip the pancake over.Cooking a pancake
  7. Next wait until your pancake it cooked the other side and should look like this-Cooked pancake
  8. Now your ready to serve! I like to melt white chocolate over white strawberries or use traditional lemon and sugar. How do you like yours?Lemon and sugar pancakes Strawberries and whites chocolate pancakesPerfect toppings for pancakes