Things to do when you have kids for Valentine’s day

February 14th- the romantic day of saint Valentine, red hearts, roses and presents. That goes out of the window as soon as you have kids. Hats off to you If you grab a babysitter and still celebrate! I don’t remember the last time I went with the soppiness of valentine’s day- in fact Matt and I don’t even acknowledge it.

This year I am planning on mixing it up slightly and celebrating Valentine’s day with Erin. It gives us something nice to do and we can all celebrate together and make it less about mushiness!!! (is that even a word?!)

I have put together a few ways in which us as parents are able to enjoy Valentines with and without the kids. Let me know if you have any other ideas?

  • Take a romantic date night and mix it up… instead of doing cinema and dinner with just your partner make it a family day and do both with the little ones. See something you all want to see (Matt and I currently want to see Coco the new Disney film!) and we all love Prezzo, so we can have our own little date with Erin.
  • Wait until the kids have gone to bed… (If you have none sleepers I salute you and think this isn’t one you should go for). Throw a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic and a film- resembling an outdoor cinema in the warmth whilst looking after your little ones. Or lay the table pop some music on cook dinner together and have a nice meal together and talk about something other than the kids!
  • If you can’t find time to do something at night due to work etc, make Valentines more entertaining and both you and your partner spend time with the kids on separate occasions and make each other a gift- something meaningful or put a theme in place. It can be pretty hilarious to see your collaborations. If you have an older child you could all write each other a poem- educational and hilarious if your anything like Matt and I!
  • If you are really lucky and have babysitters available. Forget the day of valentines, work with them and arrange some time for yourselves. Use Valentine’s day as an excuse to have that date you have been meaning to have for a while.
  • Lastly if you are on your own or your partner works late and you want to celebrate without a significant other- spend the day not doing a fat lot! The ironing can wait. Have a bath and enjoy your favourite meal.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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