Is there a way to sleep in bed?

Ok.. you may think I am but crazy for this post but I have a genuine issue that’s been frying my brain.

Is there a certain side you as a human should sleep on if you have a double bed?! Does it make a difference to your sleep? 

So when Matt and I got together I stopped starfishing in the middle of the bed and retreated to my “side”. He had his side. Since then every bed we slept in we kept to our “sides” no matter what room we were in or where we were. 

Moving into this house saw a change in sides (and beds!). What possessed us to do this is anyone’s guess but for about two months we stuck with it. Until I said can I swap. So that night we swapped.

I slept 100000 times better?! Is this coincidence or is this an actual thing?! Do people sleep better on one side of the bed than the other??

Have you had experience of this??