Fertility Files

Our IVF journey to Positive Pregnancy Test- Frozen Embryo Transfer

I have written about IVF several times here on my blog, if you want to check out my previous posts, check them out here- Fertility Files.

My previous IVF experiences were fresh cycles and I knew very little about Frozen cycles. When we had our first fresh cycle in October I ended up with 52 eggs taken. That’s a lot of eggs for an IVF cycle as most women get around 10.

This therefore sent my body into Ovarian hyperstimulation Syndrome. I ended up in hospital for 5 days with horrendous sickness and my body circumference went to 99cm round! Even my back was swollen. It took 4 weeks for my body to start to get back to normal.

In December we decided to go for a Frozen Embryo Transfer. I started the process which consisted of taking the pill to induce a period. I got this on Christmas day!!! Happy Christmas to me.

Next thing was to take HRT tablets that menopausal women take, these are 3 daily and I coped ok with them, I became bloated by these but nothing too bad. I then went on to take the Pessaries the day of the embryos being inserted.

The hospital inserted two embryos and we went home for the dreaded two weeks wait. Three days into the two weeks wait I awoke and felt different. I knew it hadn’t worked, I could feel it. We kept a small amount of hope but when the test said negative I wasn’t surprised.

I wanted to jump straight back in. I didn’t want to wait around to dwell on everything. Same process started again in March but this time the medication took its toll. My body was expanding more rapidly as it still had drugs in it from before and my moods were up and down.  This time I was more positive. The white fleck is the embryos as they were put in!!

I went through the dreaded two weeks wait and I couldn’t wait, I was due to test on the Thursday but I felt pregnant. On Monday I took the test and the line came up within 10 seconds. Wanting to jump for joy was my first reaction but Erin was in the house! Excitedly I called Matt up and showed him and we were so excited! We called our immediate family but didn’t want to tell anyone else until the Thursday.

I tested every day until then to make sure and it was always positive. I was so so happy.

As I knew I was pregnant so early this is an amazing benefit to your body as with IVF you already start bloating and stretching so you can get in early and ensure you don’t have to deal with a body of stretchmarks.

My products of choice have been the Amazing Natural Birthing Company. The products are able to be used from the very start of your pregnancy which is ideal when you have IVF as you end up knowing when you are a mere 4 weeks pregnant.

The items I have been using so far are ‘Bump Envy’ Soothing stretch mark oil, which is a non-greasy none scented oil in a pump spray bottle which is great for keeping next to your bed and using every night or every morning to keep your pesky stretch marks at bay.

‘Best Washes’ which is specifically made for pregnant women who have a heightened sense of smell as well as being soft on skin and uplifting in those first tired months. Making showering and bathing an easier ride when you feel peaky from morning sickness.

And Lastly the ‘Cool it Mama’ Spray. With these very hot summer nights we have been having this has been a life saver, when I cant sleep. Instantly cooling the body head to toe, I have been able to relax and go back to sleep. This will also be amazing in childbirth when I get hot and flustered.

All of the Natural Birthing Company products are made by Midwives especially for pregnant women, and who doesnt know pregnant women more than Midwives?

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