Crafting to support the Tour De France with #BostikBlogger

As a child you’re not very interested in sporting events unless you are able to get Physically involved.

To support the Tour De France Erin and I decided to craft a French flag and a supporter to help Erin become more involved. Here’s how you can get your little ones involved too.

All you need is:

  1. Glue
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. White paper
  4. Skewer
  5. Sellotape
  6. Hands and faces
  7. Red card
  8. Blue card

To make the flag all your need to do is cut the card into thirds. And stick it in the shape of the French flag.

Next turn it over and sellotape the skewer to make a flag pole.

That’s your flag complete. Told you it was easy!!

To make your “supporter” form your pipe cleaners into the shape of a body.

Next glue the head and hands on! Simple- one supporter and one flag!

Your now done! Your little ones can support the Tour De France and enjoy themselves too!