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What happens after successful IVF?

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This week I am discussing my experience getting my positive pregnancy test and what happens next in IVF.

Once your eggs are implanted you can find out if the IVF process has worked 12 to 24 days after. The time schedule depends on if you took your egg to “blastocyst” or not. Blastocysts are A grade eggs which live outside the body two days longer than normal. If this is the case you can then test 12 days after they are implanted.

I brought a test on the 11th day and it was a pack of two. I went to go and put them upstairs in the bathroom…. yep you guessed it I couldn’t help it and took the test. I popped it on the side and genuinely forgot about it. About 40 mins later I remembered. Picked up the test to see the words “pregnant 2-3weeks” written across the test. I was ecstatic and overwhelmed.

I told everyone straight away- some people will judge me but everyone knew I was having it done. If I had miscarried I would have had to discuss it anyway. I talk to make myself feel better.

With IVF you then need to call the hospital and confirm your result. After that your on your own. Your pregnancy turns into a completely normal pregnancy. The only thing that is different is that you have a scan at 6 weeks to determine if you have a multiple pregnancy. Other than that that’s it. You never see anyone from fertility again unless you want to.

What happens during successful IVF