Expressing, Breastfeeding, Combined Feeding- My Plans for feeding

I have seen so many things in the media about the ways people feed their babies, so if you are very one sided in your thinking about breast or bottle, this is probably not the post for you.

When Erin was born I decided from day dot how I was going to go about feeding her. This was for very personal reasons I genuinely get a bit freaked out by the thought of a baby sucking on my breasts. I have nothing against anyone else breast feeding it was just that I didn’t want to. Unfortunately a vile Midwife in the ward after I had Erin made me more stubborn about this when she told me she wouldn’t warm up Erin’s milk as she had more important people to see who wanted to feed their babies properly- Erin ended up drinking cold milk.  I wasn’t very happy with this and ended up discharging Erin and I very soon after I gave birth.

 I have since got older and taken other people’s opinions on board about how I should feed this baby. (when I saw other people I mean Matthew!!). He wants me to breastfeed and although I can’t do that for him as ‘the fear’ is still there, I am going to express. Therefore from the day this little bubba is born I will combine feed.

I have spoken to my Midwife about combine feeding and she suggested that I start expressing Milk from 37 Weeks onwards and freeze it in syringes. The midwives so far have been amazing with me and my decision to combine feed. I have also had support from Nuby. As Nuby Ambassadors we love their products and Nuby products will be making my life so much easier when it comes to combine feeding.

My plan is to use the Nuby Natural touch Breast pump, I have previously reviewed the pump over on my YouTube channel here. The pump will make my life so much easier as it has two modes- one to stimulate and the other to express. There is a digital control panel which is great to read day or night. The pump adjusts flow rate to work with you and it made from Silicone as well as being quiet and discreet.

I will also be using the Nuby Natural Touch 360 bottles once I have expressed and for formula feeds. These are the best baby bottles which allow baby to feed in a sitting position therefore reducing the effects of Reflux and Colic- which is recommended for babies with Reflux and Colic by the NHS. The straw section in the middle of the bottle enables your baby to feed sitting whilst ensuring the milk is collected from the bottom of the bottle with minimal air.

As Erin was a colicky and refluxy baby I will do everything I previously did to stop the onset. One of these things will be ensuring the baby’s milk is warm. The best way to do this at night is by using a bottle warmer next to the bed. I will be using the Nuby Bottle Warmer. I will have it plugged in next to the bed so when the baby wakes I will easily be able to pop the baby’s milk into the warmer which is even able to heat food and milk from frozen. All you have to do is add water and flick the one touch switch. It fits all shape and size bottles and containers so it can be used with other products and warms in less than 5 minutes with a light and time indicator. Perfect amount of time to change little ones nappy beforehand ready to put their sleepy head back down after a feed.

Hopefully with expressing and formula we can find a happy balance, I am a genuine believer in Happy Mum Happy Baby therefore as long as everything is going well for me feeding wise the baby will go with it, if it doesn’t happen like that I won’t stress and move to formula. I don’t have a preference on feeding as long as little one is happy and full.