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The famous two week wait- and how to get it right!

When gracing many a parenting forum you hear the words ‘two week wait’ banded around. I had no idea what this was and I found out it was when you wait to take a pregnancy test after intercourse.

Imagining what these women did when they were on their ‘two week wait’ always made me chuckle. Are they sat clock watching, constantly writing in forums, desperate to know- Who knows?

As I got older I now realise what these women do… they have obviously tried for a baby for a while and it’s a gut wrenching task of waiting to take the test. Especially with the ‘should I just do one now’ lingering behind you.

Unfortunately, In IVF a two-week wait becomes your life. It encapsulates you- especially if you have had one failed attempt. Everyone I know who had IVF before me told me how hard it was. Looking back, I can see a correlation with the two week wait and if the test was positive or negative.

I knew three people who had IVF prior to me, and many since. On their first round they did as the doctor told them and ‘continued life as normal’- most of the first rounds that did this failed. (This is from my experience I am sure people have taken doing this.) On the second round of IVF they lay flat for 2 weeks. They did nothing. It worked- they got their big fat positive.

When it was my turn I couldn’t risk this. I was scared. So I spoke to work and arranged to have the two weeks off after implantation. I even lay down on the car journey home.

When I got home for two weeks all I would do is get up… go downstairs… and only get up to go to the toilet. It is dull. But it worked!!! I got caught first time. If ever I had IVF again I wouldn’t be able to risk not doing it again- what a ball ache with an active school going child!!! But I couldn’t risk it not working and me have wasted that chance by carrying my life on as normal.

People I have advised to do the same (even strangers) its worked and they have let me know that after failed attempts its worked. There’s got to be something in it. Whether it is if your relaxed and don’t have stress I don’t know- Its worth a try.

How to succeed in the two week wait