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One for sorrow… Two for Joy! Superstition during IVF!

A rabbits tail, saying hello to magpies, not walking under ladders? Where does it end?

When I had IVF with Erin I suddenly became very suspicious. The first thing that happened was one day I put on the crucifix I was brought at the age of 10 by my auntie. A tiny cross on a silver chain. Suddenly I felt like I couldn’t take it off. I’m not religious but the fear of “jinxing IVF” was horrible. I kept it on during the whole of pregnancy and until Erin was about 3 months old!

I have no idea what I thought was going to happen if I took it off and I now, looking back I think it’s ridiculous. Why would I suddenly become so suspicious was it the imbalance of hormones or the fear?

I then started to panic when I saw lone magpies and would go out of my way to say hello to them! Then I would see two and think thank god- Joy!!! Then three which convinced me I was having a boy and four that then confused me as I knew I was either having one or the other. Again absolutely ridiculous!!!

There were so many things I wouldn’t do whilst going through IVF and pregnancy. I took it to the next level!!! Slightly crazy but it got me through! Realistically nothing about any of the superstitions that I had were going to affect anything. Nor did I believe in anything like that before, but it put my mind at ease.

Have you done anything similar to put your mind at ease?

Superstition during IVF