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Should IVF be free for everyone?

IVF- ruled by the UK government. A postcode lottery and the rest of the world has to pay for it. But Is this fair. Should IVF be ruled differently for everyone?

I was lucky enough to be offered IVF for free when I was looking to have Erin. In 2012 I was given two rounds so I always had the fall back that if it didn’t work the first time. Part way through I was told that the government had changed the scheme for my postcode and that I was no longer allowed the second round for free.

It got me thinking, why should the government have control over this, and why were other postcodes still allowed free treatment twice.  The more I looked into it and spoke to others on my IVF treatment cycle that I realised, a lot of things are based on postcode. Wales were allowed free prescription’s, but England wasn’t. Why??

Recently I looking into other people’s situations on IVF support groups that don’t get one free try. In the UK your postcode relies heavily on what treatment you are given if at all and in the USA you have to pay for everything. I have seen women set up crowdfunding pages. In the hope to one-day attempt to try for the baby, they have always dreamed of. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

Why should it be this way? Why isn’t there a set standard in countries. Let alone across the globe? I understand it’s costly to buy all the drugs etc. Maybe it should be one round for everyone or I am sure that people would be willing to buy the drugs and get all the doctor’s treatment included.

It’s not like other treatments that people get on the NHS far more regularly. Gastric bands or boob jobs are given because they don’t like the way they look. In reality, it’s the difference between parents desperately wanting a child comparative to people wanting to look different. It’s just not fair.

There are people getting pregnant left right and centre and there are instances where the children aren’t wanted. Every time an IVF bound lady or man see’s this they break a little bit more inside. I think there should be a standard in each country to try and give people hope and faith that one day they may be parents.