How to cure Back Pain

In 2010 I went horse riding for the night, I didn’t even get 100 yards and Steph who I was with tried to amend my stirrups. At the same time the horse got spooked, reared and started to gallop off. The horse was heading for the end of the field into the road. I made the decision to throw myself off rather than stay on whilst he attempted to jump the fence.

This unfortunately ended up in a broken pelvis. Since then my back has never been the same, the muscles in my back and neck tense up really easily. I currently have a routine of stretches which assist in the relief. The ones I do are from Youtube. When the pain gets really bad I go to the best masseuse ever the lovely Sarah at Serenity Orchard House. She’s amazing and always relieves the tension after putting a lot of hard work into my back.

The problem I was having is that unless I suddenly became a millionaire and had massages every week I needed something to keep on top of the pain. That’s where Naipo came in. The Naipo back massaging chair is the perfect solution for in between appointments and alongside stretches. Since I have done all three of the things I am able to keep control of my back pain.

The chair has 3 modes- neck, back and legs. The chair produces a shiatsu massage with heat. The modules are controlled with a remote and you can pin point where the pain is on your back and neck. You can also have a generalised all over massage. The nodules work the way deep into the muscles from head to lower back. The legs is a vibrate which soothes tired legs.

The chair can be used in the car and on a chair in the house. It’s very easily moved and folds away for the perfect storage. Not only is the chair in the sale currently but I also have a code that can give you an additional £14 off! You can buy the chair from Amazon at a price of £79.99 with the code -VKL36YHJ.

How to cure back pain instantly at home