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The guilt of having an IVF baby

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I haven’t done a post for Fertility files for a while now but I am finding the fact my children are IVF apparently means that they are different.

My babies aren’t different to normal kids, they are in fact the exact same- it’s just the way they were made is slightly different.

This doesn’t mean I love them differently than if they were made the “normal” way. It just means I am very much thankful they are here. The only problem is people expect me to let them off with bad behaviour and not shout at them and not have the trials and tribulations that parenthood brings every single day.

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world for anyone- your basically ensuring you keep someone alive, stress and worry about them every day.

What doesn’t help is people making you feel guilty for the way you parent. There is so much of this around now- it’s not just IVF parents it’s all parents.

IVF parents get a weird side of things – they get the snide comments when you say things like “wow they were up all night- wish they would just sleep”. In a “normal” scenario your allowed to whinge about this. IVF- nope!!!! You just get “you should be grateful you have her”. Wow- kick you whilst your down. So many times have people come across vile comments with IVF children even celebrities such as Izzy Judd.

Why is this allowed? Why can’t everyone be seen as equal? And even more why can’t we just be supportive of each other as parents rather than bitching at each other?