The Finishing Touches to the house

We have now been in our house since March, we have painted and done all the major things. But the finishing touches seem to have been put by the wayside. Things like pictures on the walls and all the things that make rooms more homely and less clinical.

I have a vision for what the house will look like but Matthew and I differ in this opinion a lot!! I want lots of family pictures but Matt wants art and pictures that are more abstract. Thankfully there are a few photos that we have agreed that we both love.

In the lounge we found that the wall behind the sofa looked very stark and bare- especially with the wall being painted white. Thankfully Hello Canvas came in and solved our problems. The process was very simple we chose the picture we wanted (these have to be good quality pics- the first one I chose was too low in quality). Next you upload it to the website and choose the framing or canvas required. Pick the size, pay and it comes in the post-super quickly.

When it arrived it was a lot bigger than I expected (mainly because I am rubbish at figuring out sizes) but I loved it all the more that it was bigger. The finish to the frame and picture was amazing. It was perfect. The other thing that struck me was that it was so simple to put up.

Now whenever we walk into the lounge it looks finished. The picture really makes it. Although we noticed the lights on our wall aren’t level which was annoying but you can hardly tell!!

There are so many options on the Hello Canvas site you will be spoilt for choice- if you want to check it out head to

We were given this picture in exchange for an honest review.

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