Autumn doesn’t mean pasty and pale!

When I was about 17 I went through a phase where I thought “pale” meant ugly… oh the things you learn when you get older. If pale is ugly then why are people like Kate Winslet known as an “English rose”.

I used to use foundation every day but not to make myself a different shade but instead to cover imperfections- you know the mum ones! Tired eyes, uneven skin tone!

As I have got older I don’t want to constantly clog my face with heavy foundations all the time. During summer I can get away with a bit of bronzer and concealer to even out my skin tone, but now we have hit autumn I want something a bit more sturdy. That’s when BB cream is the saviour.

BB Cream isn’t as heavy as foundation but does a fab job for everyday looks. Not only does it save me money on foundation but it also moisturises, provides SPF protection and adequate coverage to not need several products.

My only problem was was knowing which one to use, which would do what I needed it to without buying so many and breaking the bank. I scoured the internet and found Vogue’s Best BB creams article has done all of the hard work for me.

I have found that BB creams range in price but it doesn’t necessarily have an effect on the use of the product. There’s such a minute difference between the effect of the creams. I am going to be testing a few to see what is going to be the best one for the autumn months and now I realise that being a shade of Orange isn’t always the way to go, I am a lot happier in my own skin.

Do you use a BB cream? Which do you find to be the best?