Paint Sticks- for Creativity without the mess!

I am your typical mum who likes to do craft but hates the mess and the tidy up afterwards, washing up paint trays and paint brushes after Erin has spent all of 10 minutes painting (namely all over the table rather than the paper) is my idea of hell!!

Thankfully for all of you mummies as that understand my pain- our prayers have been answered. Paint sticks are my new go to craft. When I hear the fateful “mum can I paint” the answer is now always yes! Even better you can take them out with you too.

The paint sticks come in two sizes, mini and standard. The mini are ideal for chucking into a pencil case and taking out with you. Erin described paint sticks as being able to draw with lip balm! I assume this was part of the appeal for her!

There is also a fantastic range of Chalk Sticks which come in the format of wax crayons but are actually chalk. So when I have been asked to draw an elaborate picture on the board, I don’t have to use Jumbo chalks or the rubbish ones that snap in your hands! Instead I can draw whatever Erin has asked.

We also use our chalkboard for practicing our letter formation’s as writing “Z” 15 times on a piece of paper is not great for the environment! So instead these fantastic chalks give you the ability to control the chalk like a pen and makes things so much easier to understand the correlation between writing on paper and the board.

When it came to testing out our paint sticks (shock horror I didn’t even cover the table)- there was no need. The mess free sticks are fantastic and the two sizes ensure “masterpieces” are completed with both detail and the ability to fill a gap easily. This definitely stops Erin getting bored.

The sticks are easy to use and have pull off caps and come up with a twist. The colours are easy to recognise through the lids and she didn’t have an ounce of paint on her.

The best bonus of all is that the paint sticks are fast drying- 60 seconds to be exact! So when we need to take a picture to someone, I don’t have to tackle claggy paint all over my car!

The large paint sticks come in a pack of 12 vibrant colours and the minis include 12 fab colours. The chalks have an array of colours from light to dark with 20 in the pack. All are available from Tesco Amazon or Little Brian paint sticks.