Jingle belly- babies can enjoy Christmas too!!

On Christmas day the last thing on my mind is getting the food processor out and portioning food to make a small meal for a 7 month old- a glass of Prosecco and a sit down sounds much more appealing! Luckily for me the amazingly clever people at Ella’s Kitchen wanted to make sure little people everywhere were able to enjoy their first Christmas dinners without the additional hassle!

Ella’s Kitchen is a fantastic company bringing organic and healthy foods to children whilst ensuring the packaging is fun and the food tastes good.  Paul and his daughter Ella are the brains behind the products and ensure they meet the highest of standards from both parents and children.

Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner is a meal suitable from 7 months with All the Trimmings Even Sprouts!! The product comes in the iconic easy to use and store pouches with a Christmas design. We love this product as it is organic with nothing artificial included and no added sugar and salt- so no guilt for not making it yourself, it’s just as good! (Did try to take pic but as usual unpredictable child occurred!!) 

When we tested the product I heated the pouch in some hot water and was able to easily squeeze the product straight onto a spoon so there was no mess or waste! Maisie really enjoyed the taste and reacted well with the texture as it wasn’t lumpy. We had a very full and happy baby at the end; she even looked like she wanted more!! The other great thing about this product is if you think little one won’t finish the whole thing in one sitting you can screw the lid back on and refrigerate!

This is the perfect item for little tummies on Christmas day and is only £1.40 with 30p from every pouch going to Save the Children* to help children in the UK- Kills two birds with one stone as you are giving to charity too!! JTo find out more at