The Christmas Eve box Review

I am in the unfortunate position of being separated from Erin’s father which makes Christmas somewhat harder than every other day as I like to be as fair as possible- This year it leaves me without Erin on Christmas morning.  I wanted to make Christmas Eve as special as possible for my little girl and the perfect way to this is to share times together with her Christmas Eve Box.

Christmas Eve Boxes appear to be a new tradition that is catching on all over the world- we used to be brought pyjamas for Christmas and were allowed to watch a film but the beauty of a Christmas eve box the child can be told it’s a gift from Santa to ensure that they sleep that night and that they continue to be good. You can also set up a miniature treasure hunt with Candy canes with clues attached to enable the child to find where the box has been hidden by Santa- this is such a fantastic tradition to start your littles one into to show they are a still there even though it’s a busy day and you may not have had as much time as normal to spend with them.

The Christmas Eve Box have been kind enough to send us a box for 1 child and the contents include; Winter/Christmas themed pyjamas, Christmas themed DVD, Butterkist popcorn, Haribo sweets and Cadbury Chocolate, Cadbury’s hot chocolate drink, Christmas Candy Cane, Letter from Santa, Magical Reindeer food and ‘twas the night before Christmas’ bedtime story scroll.  When the parcel arrived we were so excited at the delights within! It’s a perfect box for a night in with your little person! Everything enables you to spend quality time with them. At £20 + £5 P + P it’s a bargain for everything that is included and saves you the hassle of having to put everything together. You can purchase them from