What you need to get prepped for the C word!

I know… I shouldn’t be saying the C word. It’s October. Sorry to scare you all but Christmas is literally round the corner!!

I am here to help though. I have the perfect gifts for your little ones this year. With so many gifts to choose from it’s so hard to pin point what’s worth your time and effort and what’s not. Thankfully I am here to help. Here are some of my favourites this year:

Paladone’s Tinkerbell Glitter Lamp- now you all know how much of a Disney fan I am. So when I saw this I fell in love. Glitter, Disney, lights! What more is there to love… oh yeah it’s also rose gold!!!! There’s not a bad thing I can say about this stunning lamp. Perfect for all the little princesses out there. At £29.99 it’s a bargain.

Bringing me onto my second must have gift for little princesses-

Paladone’s Beauty and the Beast Jewellery box- Another bargain at £9.99. The jewellery box is spacious and again rose gold with intricate rose patterns and writing. Inside the box includes a mirror that you can check your overall look in. Great for stocking fillers.

Next is the Gel A Peel Fashion Maker. For the little crafters in your life this is a perfect gift. For children 8plus or aged 5-6 with supervision. Little ones can make patches, t shirts, bags, or cushions. It’s so simple to use with 5 colour tubes. Use the stencil and the gel, squeegee and then peel. Ta Da! You have a fantastic new design! It even includes the new pearly black colour tube. Perfect for those winter days before the kids go back to school. At £29.99 you can have hours of fun.

Onto Yeti in my spaghetti. This one has had many a chuckle in our house. You have to balance your yeti on top of your plate of spaghetti and pull out the spaghetti until the yeti drops! The one to drop him is the loser! We love playing this game and it will be great for Christmas Day! Psssst… it’s even on offer in Argos at the moment for £10.99!! Quick!!!

I have been a bit naughty with this one- it started with this game being Erin’s and has turned into a drinking game for Matt and I!! The game is called Staccups. At £12.99 it’s perfect for a night in with friends… (and for kids obviously) but the game is dual purpose. It’s a race against the clock to get the cups stacked with corresponding colours. The only funny bit for adults is the shot for the loser! (The game becomes a lot trickier when drunk!!) Erin loves playing it too! I think it’s lucky we don’t play the alcohol version with her as I would be drunk!! She’s so good at it!

So there is my list of amazing presents to buy at very reasonable prices this Christmas. What’s your favourite out of this list? Will you be buying any?

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