The Crafty Gift Company Review

As Erin is only 3 years old, we haven’t finalised our Christmas traditions until this year, where we have been looking for items to nail these down! One of the products we love and have been asked to review  a beautiful personalised engraved Santa Christmas Eve platter retailing at £15.99. The wooden board is 20cm by 30cm and can be personalised with up to 5 children’s names or your family name and you also have a choice of either “Santa” or “Father Christmas” at the top. The board has spaces for ‘Santa’s treat’ and ‘reindeer’s treat’ and includes a beautiful poem to Santa when he comes down the chimney. 

The ordering process is simple as all you need to do is order the product and message the company with the details of your personalisation.  When our board arrived it was sturdy and made of quality wood, the inscription was professionally done and Erin was excited to place her treats down for Santa on Christmas Eve.  I think that this is definitely something to include in your Christmas traditions to also help with crumbs and keeping everything tidy if you are a bit OCD like me!  All in all we think this is great product and will be using it for years to come.

You are able to purchase the board from and they do many more fantastic Christmas product and present ideas for personalised gifts and traditions.