Festive Fun for All The Family- Birmingham Christmas Grotto

Christmas Is such a magical time of year (minus the kids getting so hyperactive they leave you in a jittering mess on the floor crying- yes this did happen this week!) Every mum wants to take their child to see the big man himself. Now previously I have paid an extortionate amount to see Santa for Erin and I’m not going to lie but I could have found a better Santa- a- like than that!  They are normally sat there young with a jazzy watch and obviously thin- not what you need from a Father Christmas- I want him to be round and able to shake his belly like a bowl full of Jelly, White hair, an amazing outfit which looks like Mrs Claus has slaved over and an amazing personality. I sound like I am asking for a lot…. But at House of Fraser Birmingham they have the Santa that dreams are made of! All of the above and situated in a stunning grotto that is big enough for a school of kids!!

Erin and I went to the big launch of the grotto In Birmingham and were so excited waiting outside. When we went in we were greeted by Elves who showed us to the colouring table and film area both of which kept Erin occupied whilst I had a snoop about! When we decided to see Santa we walked through the beautifully decorated area to find another Elf who gave us our ticket.

When you entered ‘Santa’s area’ there were rooms that you could walk around which were great they were to show different areas of Santa’s workshop… elves bedroom, playroom, toy making room all of which included the items they sold around the shop that was available to buy- window shopping at its best!

 The Grotto itself it ran in conjunction with the ‘Harry Moseley Charity- Help Harry Help Others’ he died of a brain tumour at the age of 11 and whilst battling his cancer he courageously helped others by raising money by making and selling bracelets- his mum Georgie has set up the charity and has continued his good work. Erin and I brought one of his bracelets which she loved and is so special to go to a worthwhile charity.

When we saw the big man himself I was so happy- he was outstanding!!! The real thing!! Erin spoke to him for 5 minutes and received a gift. One of the Elves took 3 pictures of her and we left- you are then able to purchase several items with your picture on at a reasonable price. We had the picture in the card wallet which retails at £7. To visit the grotto it is £5 and tickets are available until Christmas Eve. Absolutely fantastic grotto well worth a visit even if you have to travel a bit like we did! Absolutely Magical!