A Cheeky Elf for a Cheeky Toddler

Do you have a cheeky toddler?! Why not get them a cheeky Elf to ensure they behave correctly on the run up to Christmas?! have given my readers £1.50 off an elf set purchased this Christmas by using the promo code- BL150

We have been lucky enough to have been set a deluxe Cheeky Elf starter pack which includes 20cm Girl Elf Toy, Elf Passport, Letter from Santa, Colourful Christmas journal to record memories and elf antics. 1X behaviour chart with Star Stickers, 1X candy Cane,1X Elf report card 1X Christmas elf jumper, 1XSuitcase with stickers to decorate and a parent pack with instructions and Elf ideas.  The pack retails at £22.99 and an Elf door at £4.99. When we received the pack it appears that it is delivered off Santa with a ‘to and from’ section that you can fill in prior to giving the box to the child.

The letter inside the box explains to the child that Santa has sent the Elf to live with them to ensure that the child is well behaved on the run up to Christmas. It explains all of the things the Elf has brought with her and what the child needs to do to ensure the elf is looked after during their stay. The elf is designed to arrive on 1st December and leave on Christmas Eve to go back and live with Santa. The beauty of the product is that you can make sure the Elf behaves as well as the child and complete his reward card to send back to Santa to let him know if he has been a naughty elf! This teaches your child behavioural differences between good and bad.  The Elf door is designed to stick to your skirting board so your elf has a home and can also be used as a fairy door during the year!

Even though Erin is only 3 she picked up the concept really well and understood fully what the point was and how the concept was going to occur which is great as sometimes things go over her head! The one thing I thought was really good for educational purposes was the Christmas journal as it aided children in being able to sit down and complete it for a purpose rather than me putting educational items in front of her for no good reason (as she would suggest!!!) All in all this pack could be adapted for children of all ages and can be restocked every year from their website as there is additional packs for the things that get used up. We really love the product and the concept and this will be a new family tradition in our house for years to come!