What is the first thing that comes to mind when i say Yule Log?

Now one thing I thought I knew about Christmas was all the history and traditions that came along with it… how wrong I was! When I received the email to ask if I was interested in reviewing a Yule Log I thought… Yeah chocolate cake!! Who wouldn’t?! Well wasn’t I surprised when an actual piece of wood came through the letter box!!

Once the hysteria of my mix up was controlled I had a look into the box- Each yule log comes gift wrapped and includes a box of Flamers Natural firelighters and kindling to light your fire. Plus an accompanying scroll, this tells the age-old story of the yule log, plus instructions on how to light it. The Log is really cute and looks lovely as a decoration if you didn’t want to burn it or you are able to celebrate Christmas by burning the yule log over the 12 days of Christmas.

The history of the Yule Log also known as Yule Clog or Christmas Blockis a specially selected log burnt on a hearth around the period of Christmas in a number of countries in Europe. The origin of the folk custom is unclear. Numerous scholars have observed that, like other traditions associated with Yule. The custom may ultimately derive from Germanic paganism. Similar folk practices are recorded in various areas of Europe. As early as 1725, Henry Bourne sought an origin for the Yule log in Anglo-Saxon paganism.

You are able to burn the log on a fire or a fire pit outside so even if you don’t have an open fire this tradition is still perfect to be brought into your household. I really don’t want to burn ours as its so pretty- but this is absolutely great for teaching us all a little bit of history as well as looking good and taking on a new tradition in our home. You can buy these from and retails at £25.00. Will you be taking on the tradition in your home this Christmas?