Tesco’s Finest Pasta Review

So the good people at Orchard gave Erin and I the opportunity to try thier Tesco Finest Pasta Range. We went all out with this one! Got three different shapes a Gigli, Pennoni and Spaghetti! 

The packaging that the pasta came in was modern and sleek, looked exciting and couldn’t wait to get it home! 

Erin and I decided to do the Gigli with a tomato and Basil sauce and Chicken with garlic bread!

I was assisted by my baby baker who turned herself into masterchef and began putting the pasta into the saucepan! It surprised me how quickly it cooked in only 7 minutes! 
We sat down to eat and the pasta had a really creamy taste with a fresh pasta taste, this surprised me as it was a dried product. The shape of the “sea shells” appealed to Erin and gave a good texture to the pasta.

 All in all we were really impressed and would definitely use the range again! We can’t wait to use our other shapes! Thanks Tesco!

(All reviews are my own and we were kindly offered the chance to test this product via Tesco Orchard).