Slow hair growth.. Dry and damaged? A FIX!

Does this sound familiar?! My hair was 3/4 of the way down my back and I used hair dryers, curlers and straighteners like they were my best friends… The result when I touched my hair it literally snapped in my hand to the disgrace of a lot of my friends! I decided I needed the chop!! It all needed to go and my hair needed a new lease of life! 

When I said short I meant it! I really liked my hair short but after so long it’s a a shite mess of growing out!!! I noticed it started to become dry and vile again… I needed a plan and shaving my head was not at the top of my plans!!
After speaking to a few people I found the solutions! “Hair that doesn’t grow past a certain length” by Lee Stafford ultimately this stuff is fantastic!!

You put it on after shampoo and conditioner shave your legs or whatever else you want to do for five minutes and rinse! I didn’t believe it at first but it’s actually really good!! It does make your hair grow!! 
This was great.. But I was still getting breakage.. Someone said to me don’t dry your hair or use heat… This took some mass willpower.
I gave it a try, I looked for new ways of curling hair without heat and pretty ups is  surprisingly both of things things save a lot of time compared to being a slave to your heated products! (If you want to know how to curl your hair without heat just leave me a comment) all In all my hair damage has significantly reduced and is now growing at a really quick pace and has more than doubled in length in
A year! 🙂