Review: Forever Living

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to test a few Forever Living products Courtesy of Emma Chandler. 

The lovely Emma came round and explained the benefits of the products and left a selection with me to try, so I wanted to review my two favourites; Aloe Propolis Creme and Aloe & Jojoba shampoo.
Aloe Propolis Creme- This was something I had heard several great things about as it is made from bee Propolis & Aloe Vera- I had heard only the week before of a bee keeper who used propolis Creme everyday on his face and looked a lot younger than his age, so I was quite excited about using this one! I firstly tested it on my rather dry feet! It was quite a strange texture similar to a paste rather than a Cream, I was expecting it to be sticky, but the application went smoothly although it did take a few minutes to dry, which I think would put me off putting it on my face- although this may change if the finer lines get deeper!!! The cream itself smelt natural and not full of preservatives and scents and smelt pleasant, which is makes me feel confident in the product being good for my skin.

I used the cream for 3 days and my hard skin on my feet and elbows: both of which are dry areas and usually stubborn to soften with other high street creams, but the Aloe propolis cream definitely worked and softened the skin and make it supple again, it would be one I would recommend for people who walk around barefoot like me, you only have to use a small amount so the Large tube would definitely last a long time, which makes the product value for money.

The next product I used was the Aloe & Jojoba Shampoo- Emma had told me that with the shampoo, you only have to use a small amount, about the size of a 50p but have to wash twice. Being one of those lazy washers, much to my fashionable friends disgrace, I was dubious! 
My first time of use I completely understood why- the first wash seemed to take the chemicals and grease off the hair but didn’t make a large lather (something which Emma had explained to me). The second wash made an instant lather and made my hair feel squeaky clean! Even with the double wash technique I used less shampoo than I would use normally on one wash, so with quite a large bottle It would last quite a while. I really liked the smell of the product and the fact that there was a rubber squeezey cap so you didn’t waste excess shampoo or when naughty toddlers get hold of shampoo in the bath it won’t get filled with water instantaneously! 

All the products I tested I really liked including the Aloe Vera Gelly that is used for several things including cuts, grazes and sunburn.
 Emma has several ways of contacting her and seeing what other amazing products she has available:
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I was kindly given these products to test in exchange for an honest review & all the opinions are my own.