And Relax… Urban massage Review

Do you feel like your forever on the go?! Yesterday I felt the exact same, I got the train home from London dropped bubba with my mum, drove straight to Birmingham for a works do. So knowing when I arrived I had an Urban Massage booked I was in heaven… Although in true Faye style I was late!!!! 

So let me tell you a little bit about Urban Massage… Firstly they have an app! Which is always a fab start for on the go people who need something quick and not wasting time talking to people after a hard day at work. The app is simple to use and takes less than two minutes to book your treatment! What I really liked about the app is its so quick; you pick your treatment from a selection of blurbs. 
You then pick your time slot (they include late nights most nights for normal people with jobs!!!)
You pick your therapist so you know what they look like and their name.
You enter where you would like your massage! This is all done in under two minutes, an easy menu, uncomplicated app and time convenient. You can also use the website on

Simple as that! 

Whilst I do my best to be on time I do struggle especially around train times etc that aren’t picked by me! But Alex my therapist was fantastic, as I had my massage in my hotel room she had text me on the morning to see which room it was and I confirmed I wouldn’t know until an hour before, she was fine with this! Cut a long story short but I ended up finding out my room number and checking in at 4 when my massage started! As I had messaged Alex she was great, telling me not to worry and there was no rush and just whenever I was ready.
Alex came to the room and set up her massage bed, we put music on and she set to work on my back! (Wow it was tense!!) for an hour she really worked my muscles and it was great, really got into the deep tissue unlike so called deep tissue massages I had previously experienced that were half arsed! Alex made me feel comfortable and relaxed and was really fantastic at her job. The massage ended and she went on her way, no payment was needed as it was all through the app so no need to panic that you need cash out or anything like that! A seemless transaction for quality goods!
 Urban Massage currently cover London Manchester and Birmingham but are looking to cover Edinburgh, Leeds and Glasgow in the next few months. You even get a chance to get money off your next massage with a refer a friend offer. So if anyone does want to book you can get £20 off your massage with the code below: 
Would you use a at home massage service?
Nb. I was given this massage in return for an honest review. All opinions and pictures are my own.