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Babycook by BÉABA solving Weaning problems!

Since Erin was a baby weaning has become so controversial. Do you pulverise food or do you let them eat finger foods and have the panic of heaving and choking scares?! The BÉABA Babycook solves this problem!

Erin was purely purees until she was over one and Maisie has a mixture of both. I genuinely think that it is the mums opinion of what is the best for her and baby.

When we were given the chance the review the BÉABA Babycook i was overcome with excitement! We have needed something to make life easier at dinner times for ages! Not only does the BÉABA Babycook Steam and blend baby food but it also makes a massive array of foods for toddlers and even adults if you wanted to make a bigger portion and have the same meal- This is a major plus for me as i hate buying gadgets for baby and use it for a month and then think what a massive waste of time; i genuinely think the baby cook would last you until they are adults as it has a 1100ml cooking bowl-if you wanted to continue to use it for that long!

We tried the babycook for purees for Maisie and it worked fantastically, steamed the veg and blended it perfectly, the meals take 15 minutes or less and included fantastic fresh ingredients with no hidden salts or sugars and even defrosts and recooks!!. The design of the product would fit well in any kitchen as it is stylish and sleek. The rrp is £109.95 and you can purchase at John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bebe and Amazon.

Now you can check out the fun Erin and I had with the Béaba Babycook and to show you the versatility of the product with some other products in the range!