Putting down the chocolate…

Yesterday was on of the days where I get  all ahead of myself and start a conversation in my head that consists of… You will use Myfitnesspal and do couch 2 5k… Funnily enough I have had this chat about 1000000000 times recurring.

Do I stick to it? Well do I look like Davina McCall or Jennifer Aniston yet? Nope!!!! I still have wobbly bits and look like a mum! This is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination but I want to be a slightly more toned and out of everything more healthy so I can live a long life with my baby girl. 
I am not fat, nor have I ever been fat- I put on more weight than I wanted to in pregnancy purely by eating rubbish and lots of it! Before I had Erin I was 8stone and I now fluctuate between 9.5 and 9 stone and I would like to be more toned and more around the 8.10/8.12 mark (just for a physiological aspect!) I know that’s weird but it makes me feel better!! 
The way I decided to do this was to just include more exercise and cut out “full fat” Coke. As for those who know me well know that when I try and diet I fall of the wagon spectacularly!! 
This is when I decided for the 50th time to start Couch to 5k- I have started it so many times before and only ever got to week two! I need some encouragement to tell me it really works guys!! I will keep you updated!