A Memento and Memory of your little ones


Giving birth and having a newborn is one of those things that you want to cherish forever but it definitely goes all too quickly-  you want to lock in the memory of their tiny hands and feet and when it whizzes past to quickly it’s hard to hold on to. Luckily for all of us mummies that have baby brain Baby Art are here to help!


I was delighted when our parcel arrived with the Baby Art My Baby Touch 2 Print Frame dropped through the door as I was now able to lock the moment in time of girl’s feet and hands! The frame itself has a picture section in the middle so you can put an adorable picture of little one in the middle and use the clay to make a print of their squidgy feet and hands! I was also thinking how good this frame would be if you had twins as you could use a side for each child!
The Frame itself is hinged and is 3 small cubes with a white outline and grey interior which makes the frame neutral and modern-the frame comes in other colour woods if you want to make more of a traditional keepsake. The frame can be use from birth to 3 years so you could also include a sibling in one side too- giving even more flexibility of the use of the frame. The clay is dermatologically tested and safe to use for babies and only takes 2 minutes to complete- what a fantastic souvenir when your little one hits 18!

The instructions were clearly set out and the print was really easy to do even with one hand (which was fab as I was fighting flailing arms and legs at the time!!) It literally did take less than two minutes (you can have as many tries as needed as you can reshape the clay- so don’t worry about getting it perfect first time, we all know how babies can be!) including putting the picture into the frame which is sized at  Height- 17cm, Width- 51.5cm and Depth 2cm.


The Instructions state you need to roll out the clay onto a clean dry surface complete your print with clean hands or feet, cut around the print, leave it to dry for 6 hours and then stick in the frame using the double sided tape. We had great fun using the frame and Erin decided she wanted to do a side with Glitter in it too! So we added a bit of glitter for the much needed sparkle in her life! (such a diva!!) The frame is available for purchase from Amazon, Argos or Bounty online and retails at £19.99.