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Hating Pregnant People….

Disclaimer- I no longer feel like this towards pregnant people, but I know so many people with fertility issues do. I have been there and it was pretty rubbish. This post is by any means not to offend anyone nor upset anyone- that’s not the point.

The day you hear the announcement that someone you know is pregnant. You want to be happy so so happy but all you feel, is sick. So many times before I got pregnant with Erin did I hear someone was pregnant. I though why can’t this be me? Why does it come so easy?

When I say the word hate I obviously don’t mean it but I used to think it. I just didn’t like the fact it seemed so easy for others. It’s not always easy for others and unless I knew everyone’s individual story I would try my hardest not to be angry.

Genuinely I was so angry, I just didn’t want to hear that people were getting pregnant around me. When you don’t want to hear about it- every woman under the sun is pregnant and sat flaunting their bumps or babies under my nose. Don’t even get me started on watching Jeremy Kyle or reading magazines with headlines that said ‘I got pregnant after being sterilised’ I mean really. The feeling that it was shoved in front of me every minute of the day was hell. In reality it wasn’t. It was the same as it had always been but I was extra sensitive to babies, and pregnancy everywhere.

Getting angry was silly looking back, I should have been happy and pleased for the people around me, but hormones and anxiety took over. The fear. My own fear of never having the baby I had always longed for. I have seen on so many forums people trying to politely say that they are being peeved by all the pregnancies around them and I just feel for them. Its really rubbish, I get that. I have been there. If you are a lady who is still trying for your little miracle. Never give up hope. The next time someone announces their pregnancy, just smile and say congratulations. You never know they may be in the same boat.