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Slimming world… the truth,tips,tricks and staying on plan! 

I joined slimming world 8 weeks before Christmas. By no means am I fat. In fact I’m a size 8-10 (I know some of you are shouting at the screen).

The reason I wanted to start slimming world is not to “get thin” it’s mainly to change my approach to healthier eating. I genuinely ate shit all the time and it consisted of mostly cheese!! It was a bonus if I lost any weight but I did want to lose a bit from around my tummy. I still looked pregnant when I ate, but it’s typical body changes after a baby.

The great thing about slimming world is it’s so easy. IF you don’t take every word literally and eat everything “free” in sight. Obviously if you eat pasta until you want to vomit you won’t lose weight. Too many people think that because it’s free, that’s ok!! It’s not!

The one thing I hate about going to the meetings is that literally everyone hates me and spends the time asking why I’m there and scowling when I lose weight!! It’s supposed to be harder when your thinner! That doesn’t seem to bother them!

So far I have lost 8lbs which I’m quite proud of! Although I had a blip at Christmas and have put some weight back on. Tonight my sister in law and I have been on a run so I am starting to get back into it! Although she would make an excellent personal trainer! It started with a walk.. then a jog.. by the end of it I was squatting on steps in between running!!! ?

My main tips for keeping to slimming world would be:

  • Don’t do everything all at once- get your diet right before you exercise
  • Always remember your speed foods with your meals- they are so easily forgotten but these accelerate weight loss
  • Meal plan! Not only will it save you money but it also helps keep you on track
  • Go to the meetings- if you don’t go to the meetings you don’t have the guilt
  • Don’t give yourself excuses
  • Find a group that weighs on a Monday- the guilt will stop you being naughty at the weekend!

If you are at slimming world do you have any tips or tricks?