Kitting Your Toddler out for a Beach Holiday

Holidaying with a toddler is challenging, but it is well worth taking a break as a family. It gives you the chance to get away from the stresses of life and really connect with each other.

For a toddler, a beach holiday is a great idea. Kids love to be beside the sea. Once your little one gets a taste for the beach you will struggle to get them to go home. Here is a list of the basics your child will need to have the perfect time on the beach.

The right type of swimwear

You need to make sure that your child is covered up, or be vigilant about using sun lotion. A UV protective swimsuit is a potential solution. Applying sun cream to a wriggly child is tricky, so it is all too easy to miss a bit.

A UV protective swimsuit is a potential solution. This style of costume covers most of the body but is lightweight enough to keep your child cool enough. But, before buying one you should do your research. Read some of the reviews other parents have written to make sure that the brand you buy is good quality and that this style of swimwear really is the right choice for your child.

Buoyancy aids

It is also a good idea to kit your toddler out with armbands. Or, if you prefer a float suit.

 A shade tent

If you want to maximize the time you can spend on the beach packing a shade tent is a good idea. It is the ideal spot for your little one to have a nap. Just be sure to check it is not too hot under there. You can throw a dry towel over their changing mat to create a comfortable place for your child to lay on.

A hat and sunglasses

As well as good quality sun cream you need to put a hat and sunglasses on your toddler. This really helps to keep the worst of the sun off.

Water Nappies

Wet nappies are no fun for anyone. They are heavy, difficult to change, and likely to leak. One solution is to use water diapers. They do not absorb anything but they will hold everything in until you can change them. Most parents put a regular nappy on, then put the water diaper on over the top. Provided the fit is snug enough the normal nappy will stay dry and you will be able to change it as normal.

A changing bag

Don’t forget your changing bag. A thin changing mat that can be wiped clean is ideal.

Food and drink

Think about food and drink. At the very least you need to have water to hand to keep your child hydrated. If you do not want to leave your spot, take their milk with you. This article makes some excellent suggestions about snacks you could take without having to worry too much about keeping them cold.


Most toddlers love nothing better than digging in the sand. They will spend hours making sandcastles, so a bucket and spade are essential. You can buy one there, but it is much better to buy a collapsible beach bucket. That way you can put it in your suitcase and reuse it, which is much more environmentally friendly than buying one and leaving it in your hotel room.

A first aid kit

You need to be able to deal with scratches and cuts. At the very least, you need to take antiseptic cream, some plasters, a piece of sterile dressing and a light bandage.

I know that the above looks like a long list, but because most of the items are small it is actually not hard to fit everything you need into your luggage.

This is a collaborative Post.