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Baby Back Fat – how to get rid of the baby belly!

Since having Erin 2.5 years ago my weight on my back has always been on my mind….

Now I know I am not fat by any means… I am in size 8 clothes but what i call my back fat really bothers me!!
When i say back fat what i mean is the wobbly jelly like stomach that not only sits at the front but makes an extended area of fat invading your back!!
The real question is how do you get rid of this?! I am currently 8 stone 4lbs and am trying to eat limited carbs and sugar, as I have been informed this is the best way to lose the middle area of fat! Im also trying to tone at the same time with sit ups, planking, squats and arm lifts all including weights! If anyone has any miracle cures or weight loss tips for this hard to lose area let me know!
Faye xnew born baby