Here we go again…

I’m fed up. Fed up of my gorgeous girlie feeling so rubbish. Doctors are awful and no one seems to know what to do with her.

I will take you back to 5th September when Erin’s reflux came back with vengeance. The cough, the blocked nose, the grunting and the poorly tummy.

I took her to our local walk in centre as I had called 111 to be told that they could prescribe her normal drugs over the phone. 9pm came and they asked me to take her to the walk in centre at 11.45pm… on a school night! Great. I woke her up and took her- after an hour and a half I was told her medicine was specialist and they couldn’t prescribe it.

Things were starting to affect school life, her cough and reflux were making her not concentrate and making things a problem.

The next day after the hospital I took Erin to the doctors. We walked in.. sat down and I started to explain- by the time I had finished my sentence he had prescribed her medicine. He hadn’t looked at her once. I asked what dose he had given her of her Domperidone and he he told me 4ml like before. I quickly said that’s wrong it goes by weight. He proceeded to say “oh well you weigh her then and ushered me towards the scales in the corner of the room”. I was shocked. Weighed her and left.

I the medicine that normally worked hadn’t touched the sides. Enough was enough. I called our private medical cover and wanted answers. They got me to call the doctors (got through to the blithering idiot I had before- and got a letter. Not to mention an increase in drugs after I told him he could do that after he denied it!!!)

Thankfully in less than a week we were seen by the specialist. An amazing doctor who was lovely with Erin and put her mind at ease. We came out with a start to finding the answer.

Erin is due to have an endoscopy on 10th November to try and find the cause and what’s actually going on. Hopefully we will get the answers we need as at the moment she’s still got all the symptoms 🙁 they have calmed slightly but she’s obviously still in pain.