The Girl with Four Birthday Cakes!

Last week it was Erin’s 6th Birthday. Yep, I said 6!!! How has she aged six years? that big purple baby that got placed on my chest in 2012 is no longer, although that makes me sad it also means she’s turned from a baby to my bestie. We are now at the point where we can play ace games together and watch The Greatest Showman on repeat!!

Erin’s birthday was a little different this year, we asked her if she wanted a party or to do something else and she decided she wanted to go to Harry Potter studios in London. We decided on the day before her birthday to have close family and friends over to celebrate.

Thankfully it was a stunning day outside and we were able to spend all of the day in the blazing heat with the paddling pool and bouncy castle out.

We also had some pretty cool Glove A Bubbles which you can buy from Smyths toys for £3.99.

Erin Loved these as did all the other children- especially the little ones who can’t blow bubbles like the older ones. For ages, I spent time exercising my bingo wings Ha!! All you needed to do was put the glove into the solution that comes with it and wave your arm around! Tonnes of bubbles then shower the air for the little ones to run in and pop! Erin was so pleased she could do it herself and showed all her guests how cool the bubbles were. We will definitely be purchasing more for the long summer days.

At the end of the party, Erin was lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous sweet bags from the Dream Party Co.  to hand out to her friends and cousins as a little treat for coming for the day. I only spoke to Sian on the Thursday before Erin’s get together and she confirmed we would be able to have them for Monday. They were even personalised to Erin’s tastes – pink Obviously!  and didn’t include any orange sweets as Erin is allergic. Which I thought was a lovely thoughtful touch. Contact Sian at for more info.

They arrived on Saturday Morning so an amazing turnaround for us and the kids loved them. Since I have checked out Sian’s beautiful twitter and Facebook pages and she does everything you could possibly need for your party. The personalisation of products is what makes them stand out and makes a lovely addition to any gathering.

The next day was Erin’s birthday and we woke up super early to open Erin’s presents.

We had bought her a Luvabella doll which she adores and our friends and family bought her items for her own little nursery.  She loved it. One of the presents she received were some Heeley’s from

Since she has had them all I have heard is ‘Mummy can you do the Heeley’s now so I can test them!!!’. I eventually gave in. Heeley’s are a great alternative to roller skates for kids and are perfect for people like Erin who lose the will to carry on by the time we get 100 yards up the road on the way to the shop. The shoes look like trainers and have a wheel in the heel that kids are able to learn and control the use of. Almost like being on a scooter! At £31 for the Heeley’s, they are a great price and perfect for a bit of fun on a walk. Erin loves hers and wants to wear them to school which I have unfortunately had to say no to!!

All in all, she had a great week and we then headed to London for the weekend. Erin had a birthday cake on Monday at the get-together, one on Tuesday for her actual birthday and was presented with two in London! So not only has it been a busy week but we are all caked out now! Here’s to a year of the 6-year-old and I can’t wait to see what it brings!