Pregnancy Must Haves

I was lucky enough to be invited to The Baby Show in May and met some absolutely lovely brands who agreed to work with me during my pregnancy. If you are pregnant I would highly recommend heading to the next Baby Show in October in London.

If video is more your thing- I have filmed all of these products in a Youtube video here.

My Pregnancy Must haves are mostly what I would class as essential (obviously if your partner needs to hear what you need then they are all essential!!!) Others are a great bit of indulgence to make your pregnancy smoother and make you feel pampered.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow-

This has been a godsend in our house. Due to IVF, I get baby bloat before a bump so, I am always pretty huge from the get-go. This makes sleeping a chore and as I get bigger this becomes more of an issue. Thankfully with the Dreamgenii has not only supported my bump but also has a bit to support my back. Therefore is a godsend when I had an achy back during the first trimester.

The pillow comes with a cover so you don’t have to worry about spillages of anything and it can match your interior. This pillow is also dual purpose as when the baby comes you are able to use it as a nursing pillow. When you travel you can also pop it in the zipped bag it comes with and you are able to carry it around with ease.

Dreamgenii has also won several awards so seems to be a real hit with expectant mums. You can get yours here.

Gin Gin’s Ginger Candy-

Morning Sickness? I have been very lucky but I have the odd time where I have wanted to vomit in a hedge!!! Mainly once I have been in the car. The good thing is that Gin Gin’s have been a saviour to stop me feeling quite so sick.

Not only do they taste good but have 30% ginger to help keep the sickness at bay. If you don’t want to use them as sweets you can also add a few pieces to a cup of boiling water until they melt and enjoy.  Gin Gin’s are available on here.

Naturana Bras-

In pregnancy, my boobs jump up sizes pretty quickly, who knows if its due to IVF or just the way my body deals with pregnancy. At 11 weeks I have already jumped 3 bra sizes. I also find wired bras really uncomfortable and don’t want to damage my milk ducts so comfort is the way forwards. Naturana was kind enough to send me two of their fantastic bras.

The first one is Naturana Nursing Bra with nursing reminder. It comes in sizes 34-46 B-DD. The bra is made of gorgeous soft material and comes in black and white. I love that these are perfect for in pregnancy but will also double up as nursing bras. The best thing about this bra is the ‘nursing reminder’. This blew my mind. There is a bow on the middle of the bra that moves left and right dependant on which breast you fed with last. How genius is that.

The second one is Naturana BH seamless Nursing bra. What I love about this is the fact it doesn’t have a clasp. Which means I can sleep in the bra for comfort and to hold breast pads without any pain or digging in. The Material is stretchy so is perfect for expanding bodies. I had a large and I am a 34DD. I can’t find the sizing on the website but if you email them I am sure they will help.  You can get these comfortable bras from Naturana. 

Motherly Love

I met Jan at The Baby Show and what she doesn’t know about pregnancy and products ideal in pregnancy is not worth knowing. Her wealth of knowledge is phenomenal and she’s a lovely lady. As a previous Midwife, Jan has come up with a whole range of products perfect in Pregnancy.

Jan let me take some of her fantastic products to test out. I have Down Below- Penerium massage oil, Tums and Boobs stretch mark oil, Due Date massage oil, Kind Skin repair oil and due date bergamot and grapefruit pulse point.  All of the products are perfect for use from 14 weeks onwards.

What is great is all the products have a purpose in your pregnancy. From including your partner in pregnancy massage to assisting with Skin repair. If you want to get your hands on some of Jan’s amazing products click here.

Dear Bump Box-

Dear Bump box is one of those luxuries I mentioned that will help get you through the down days of pregnancy- when your so tired you just want to sleep. The Dear Bump Box sends a monthly box throughout your pregnancy to cheer you up and send you gorgeous little treats for you and baby.

The boxes also correspond with trimesters and all of the products are perfect for those weeks in your pregnancy.

I have had a range of treats from food to a book with everything in between.  You can go onto the website and order yours now.

Olverum Bath Oil-

Again this one is a treat for a tired achy body in pregnancy. Perfect for week 14 onwards Olverum is a stunning bath oil which gives you that bit of luxury in the bath. After only a few drops the bath will feel like a spa and smell like one too. Although due to the essential oils make sure you confirm with your midwife before use.

125ml is enough for 50 baths and it comes in a beautiful glass bottle. The oil also comes in travel oils for when your away. Whats even better is the oil is absorbed by the skin too, so there’s no getting out of the bath like a slippery eel. To buy yours click here.

The Babycare Tens Machine-

Lastly, the Babycare Tens is a long-term investment in pregnancy. I got to 10cm dilated with Erin with a Tens machine alone. So I can’t wait to attempt to do the same with the Elle Tens2. With great features such as a contraction timer, preset modes, boost button for contractions and a backlit digital display.

The Machine comes with a neck cord, carrying pouch and lead wires, batteries and electrode pads. It looks great in the purple colour and will fit perfectly in your maternity bag.

The Babycare Tens are recommended by Midwives and are available for hire or purchase.