I’m A Magpie! Sparkles… Diamonds…. Glitter

This post is sponsored by Berganza.

I am a complete magpie when it comes to anything sparkly! Literally I love glitter, diamonds and everything shiny. I have no idea why but it just literally makes me so happy when i see things so sparkly and pretty.  Jewellery is one of those things that I would love to have loads of but I only have a few key pieces that I wear everyday. These include my pearls… yes not sparkly I know but I always think that wearing too much sparkle may look a bit tacky especially on a day to day basis.

If you also follow me on twitter I always buy Erin lots of glitter and sparkle too! including some amazing converse that match my new glitter converse too. I literally love them! I would love to have some beautiful diamonds to go with my love of sparkle. I mean ladies who wouldn’t diamonds are a girls best friend right.

I have recently been drooling over the Berganza website. They sell some absolutely amazing vintage jewellery and it made me think what key pieces I would have if i had the money. I would start with some beautiful pearl and diamond earrings. Vintage earrings are so beautiful as I always think pearls look better with age. I would also love a one diamond pendant necklace. The ones on www.berganza.com/jewellery are stunning. So many beautiful styles and colours of stone too! The last thing i would love is a big fat juicy diamond ring. What woman wouldn’t my dream ring is a oval (marquise) diamond set in a platinum setting. I saw one of Tiffany and it was so expensive!!!  Berganza have the vintage Tiffany version for a fraction of the price!!! how amazing!!! I would absolutely love one. But i can keep dreaming I suppose.